Q: Do Shadeshares sunglasses have a warranty?
A: Yes, all our sunglasses have a one year warranty. In case of an obvious manufacturing defect the product is repaired or replaced with a new pair. The warranty does not cover improper use of the product.


Q: What type of lenses do the sunglasses have?
A: All our sunglasses have polarized UV400 protected TAC lenses. When designing the lenses we have taken into consideration suitability for all seasons.


Q: What material are the sunglasses made of?
A: The sunglass frames are made of certified Finnish birch veneer.


Q: Where are the sunglasses produced?
A: Shadeshares sunglasses are manufactured and designed in our own workshop in Nairobi, Kenya. Our workshop trains and employs young adults who come from the Kenya slums and have become part of our company.
Q:  Why transport Finnish birch veneer from Finland to Kenya instead of using local wood? Is this sustainable?
A: Shadeshares exports certified Finnish birch veneer to our workshop in Kenya in large batches a couple of times a year. The reason for this is that we do not want to cut down trees in Kenya as the whole continent is suffering from erosion. Instead we have chosen to plant more trees in our own nursery. So far we have planted more than 40,000 trees that act as carbon sinks every day of the year. As a company, we are carbon negative. 
Q: Wooden sunglasses? – Are they heavy?
A: Wooden sunglasses are actually very light, even lighter than plastic ones. Wooden sunglasses have a light feel when worn and as a material wood feels comfortable against the skin.


Q: Are the sunglasses waterproof?
A: Yes. Our sunglasses have been treated with environmentally friendly lacquer. Wooden sunglasses even float in case you accidentally drop them into water.


Q: What do we mean by sustainable development?
A: As a company we compensate our carbon footprint by planting one tree in Kenya for every pair of sunglasses sold from our nursery on our land in Kenya. In addition the raw materials chosen for our sunglasses burden our planet as little as possible.


Shadeshares sunglasses with lens strengths?

 Yes, you can get Shadeshares sunglasses with strenghts. The frames can be taken either to your own local optican or our partners:

- Helsingin Optiikka

- Tampereen Asema-optiikka

- Turun Optillinen Liike

- Jyväskylän Silmälasi

- Silmäoptikot Rauma

- Kuopion Näkökeskus