Tree planting

Unlike brands similar to us who've chosen to outsource their tree planting (which is also great!) we've decided to take out the middleman and do it ourselves. 
For every pair of sunglasses purchased we plant a tree on our own land in Kenya, creating new carbon sinks on a daily basis. This hands-on approach gives us more control on what species are planted and helps monitor effectiveness. Planting trees reduces erosion and the species of trees we've chosen are already bearing fruit allowing the chain of good deeds to continue.

Did you know? Planting trees is one of the most effective solutions to battle climate change, absorbing on average ~ 22 kg of CO2 per year.

So far we've planted over a 60 000 trees all thanks to you! In addition to making a positive impact on the environment tree planting is a way of providing work and life opportunities for local African people. Currently we employ four full-time workers through our tree planting initiative.
Shadeshares tree nursery in Kenya & tree planting team.