You may have already noticed that all our sunglasses have polarized lenses. But what does that actually mean?


Polarized or anti-glare lenses significantly reduce glare and eye strain. This is especially important when working or spending time outside, where being temporarily blinded by reflected light or glare could put yourself in a dangerous situation. Fortunately, all our models are equipped with the highest quality lenses possible.

For those curious, our lenses are made of triacetate cellulose. These TAC lenses consist of 7 different layers, each with its own purpose.

  • The first is a polarizing layer that provides more than 100% polarized protection against glare

  • The second and third layers increase the durability of the lenses in harsh conditions

  • The fourth and fifth layers absorb ultraviolet rays and protect against UVA and UVB rays

  • The last two layers increase impact and scratch resistance

The best TAC lenses block over 99% of harmful UV rays, up to 400 nanometer wavelengths - just like our sunglasses!


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