Sunny Days Ahead: Why Mirrored Sunglass Lenses are a Must-Have this Summer

Mirrored sunglasses

Mirrored lenses in sunglasses have been a popular trend for a while, and they will continue to be a stylish choice this summer. DUMA and FISI from our 2023 collection feature blue-colored mirrored lenses with a reflective coating on the exterior, which reduces glare and enhances visual comfort. Like all our models these mirrored sunglasses are hand-crafted from Finnish birch wood and fully polarized with 100% UV (400) protection against UVA and UVB rays.

On top of mirrored lenses adding a fashionable touch to any outfit, the reflective coating makes them a practical choice too. They are an excellent option for outdoor activities such as water sports, where bright conditions can cause discomfort and eye strain. Mirrored lenses can also help improve visual clarity by reflecting light away from the eyes. This can be particularly helpful for those with light-sensitive eyes. 

Blue lenses were chosen for the sunglasses not only because we thought they’d look cool but because the blue color of the lenses enhances color perception, making them ideal for bright sunny days.

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