Our guide to more sustainable gift-giving this Christmas

Combating Overconsumption during the Christmas period

Whilst Christmas is a time of joy and celebration, we can’t help but wonder each year about the environmental impact the season brings with it. A not so festive fact is that only 1% of consumer goods worldwide are still in use 6 months later and around 1 in 10 unwanted Christmas presents worldwide end up in landfills each year. So what can we do?

Sustainable gift checklist

Firstly, we want to challenge you to rethink your gift-giving behaviour by making it a little more sustainable, ethical and meaningful. Think about: Is the gift purposeful? Will it last a long time? What's its impact on the environment? Regardless of what you end up buying we urge you to consider the checklist below:

Our efforts 

At Shadeshares we work year round towards a circular economy where sunglasses last longer and are more sustainable and ethical. We've taken steps towards this by establishing our own workshop in Nairobi and not using subcontractors to ensure transparency and responsibility throughout our supply chain. We design our products with longevity in mind with each pair helping employ people from Kenya and plant trees absorbing carbon emissions. Although, we aren't perfect we can confidently say that getting your loved one a pair of our sunglasses can always be done with a clear conscience and by doing so you are making a positive impact on a environmental and social level.


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