Finding the right sunglasses for your face shape

Choosing the right sunglasses for your face shape

When choosing a pair of sunglasses it is important to pay attention to the shape of your face. With the right sunglasses you are able to highlight your facial features beautifully. Everyone's face is different, but tend to fall within one of the following: oval, long, angular, round and heart-shaped face.

Almost any frame will suit oval-shaped faces. Take full advantage of this and be bold with your sunglasses. You might surprise yourself!

Strong thick-edged frames and classic pilot glasses flatter a long and narrow face. From our models Fisi or Swara could suite your style perfectly.

To balance out more angular facial features you should choose round frames. Try curved softer styles such as Chui and Kipepeo. For a bolder style choice you could try Aira Samulin or Paola Suhonen.

Cat-like and angular oversize glasses like customer favourites Kiboko and Tembo are ideal for rounder and softer facial features.

To complement a heart-shaped face angular sunglasses with a rounded lower edge work best. We recommend you try Bundi and Popo

Kokeile rohkeasti erilaisia tyylejäWhat size should I get?

When choosing sunglasses, in addition to their appearance and shape, attention should be paid to the fit of the glasses. The height of your cheekbones, the shape and size of your nose, the placement of your eyebrows and the height of your ears all affect how the sunglasses will fit. 

Sunglasses should not touch your lashes, squeeze your temples or press on your cheekbones. Remember that the width of the frames should not exceed the width of your face at the temples.

We have received a lot of praise for the design of our glasses and the choice to leave out the nose pads, which many people find squeeze and cause red marks on the nose.

We encourage you to try out different frame designs and to be playful with new styles. You may be surprised at how frames you thought were too wild at first turn out to be this summers favourite. 


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