Durable and scratch-resistant sunglasses for hiking

Exploring and enjoying nature is now more popular than ever with national parks everywhere attracting record numbers of visitors. In July at Riisitunturi National Park our team tested which sunglasses were best suited for hiking and outdoor activities.

Our Fightback sunglasses designed by former freestyle skier Pekka Hyysalo proved to be instant favorites among the team. The sporty glasses sat snugly on the face while hiking, and the brown lenses increased the contrast of the terrain.

Unlike brown lenses, polarized lenses with a black base color such as Popo and Kipepeo did not change the colors of the terrain allowing the true tones of the surrounding nature to really come into their own. 

We noticed the importance of investing in quality eyewear also in nature. All the sunglasses performed especially well by the water, with their polarised lenses filtering out disturbing reflections from the water's surface.

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