4 Sunglass Trends To Look Out For In 2023

2023 Sunglass Trends

With 2023 just weeks away, we can’t help but look forward to what upcoming fashion trends the new year has instore. GlassesUSA recently released their 2023 Fashion Trends Report that tells us exactly what to expect when it comes to women’s and men’s eyewear styles in 2023.

The Report highlights that next year is all about the sporty racer frame, oversized sunglasses, eco-consciousness, and tinted lenses.

Trend No. 1: The Racer

With the rise of the Y2K styles, athletic-inspired racer frames continue to trend in 2023. The frames are full of futuristic touches and angular designs made from lightweight materials. Lenses will be mirrored and tinted in various colors. Check out our take on the trend here. 

Trend No. 2: The Oversized Angular

This nostalgic 1970’s look combines oversized frames with sleek style in the #supersizedframes trend. The trend is a luxury staple in high-fashion women’s eyewear that’s slowly making its way into the men’s eyewear market, as well.

This chunky style of frames offers an oversized silhouette for a dramatic look. These oversized angular looks are a mix of geometric shapes, hued in luxe neutrals and tinted lenses that balance out this maximalist look. We are excited to see how this trend develops this season and hope to bring out a new version of our own later on. As of now you can participate in the supersized frame trend by shopping similar styles here.


Trend No. 3: Green Frames

As a brand with sustainability and ethical production at the core of our operations, we are happy to see that eco-friendly eyewear is set to be all the rage for 2023. With a growing focus on sustainable fashion and more and more companies finally making an effort to reduce their carbon footprint we are excited to follow how natural materials apart from our beloved wood such as cork, bio-acetate and coffee are used in eyewear.

Trend No. 4: Tinted lenses

Inspired by the 1970’s, colorful retro lenses will be popular in 2023. Tinted lenses especially in red, orange, and yellow will continue to dominate street style. Luckily for you, we already launched something similar in 2022. Browse our tinted lenses here


Many of the popular trends we’ve seen this year are here to stay in terms of what will trend in 2023. As A-list celebrities and social media influencers continue to point the way when in it comes to eyewear trends, especially in the sunglass category, we for one will be keeping a close eye on what is being worn around the world.

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