FightBack Light


One of Shadeshares charities, the FightBack Support Association maintains a free-of-charge rehabilitation facility for people suffering from head injury in Turku, Finland. Apart from rehabilitation activities, the facility also hosts empowering events for the family members of the injured, and the premises are also made available for therapy sessions by the Sykerö association for child cancer patients free of charge. The founder of FightBack is Pekka Hyysalo, who was a 19-year-old successful freeskier when he had a life-threatening accident at a skiing video filming session. A heavy gust of wind grabbed him, he overshot the landing and hit the back of his head on the ground. The helmet saved Pekka's life, but he sustained a severe brain injury. This marked the start of Pekka's fight back to life, which evolved into the FightBack brand. Today, Pekka is an inspirational speaker who addresses thousands of people yearly. The FightBack organisation is an ambassador of hope, positive thinking, robust attitude, willpower and resilience, affecting the lives of people of different ages in different situations.

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